Live at Prague Klub 007, August 2022

Sit Tight (Live at La Lata de Bombillas, December 2019)

I Don’t Remember (Live at Freakshow, July 2018)

Alone Tonight (Live at Freakshow, March 2017)

Earthlings (Live at Wermelskirchen, AJZ, October 2016)

Suicide Bomber (Live at Klub Buben, Prague, June 2016)

Government (Live at Knust, Hamburg, March 2015)

Non Believer (Live at The Tache, Blackpool, August 2014)

Live at Café Excelsior à Jette, November 2013

Apathy (Live at The Windmill, Brixton, November 2013)

Can’t Get It Up (Live at The Windmill, Brixton, November 2013)

Shallow (Live at Freak Show, Essen, October 2013)

Conquer the World (Live at The 100 Club, London, November 2013)

Where’d It Go? (Live at The Tache, Blackpool, July 2012)

Break It Up & Formica (Live at Freak Show, Essen, Germany, July 2012)

Johnny Thunders Lived in Leeds (Live at Buffalo Bar, London, September 2012)

Live at Wild At Heart, Berlin, February 2011

Live at 12 Bar, London, March 2009